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The goal of our rating system is to enhance the experience of everyone who wants to enjoy a good cigar and to provide the world's largest collection of information on all types of cigars. The information you share in your reviews will be included in our database and integrated into each product's features (displayed on each product's page). You also have the option to share a photo that is automatically uploaded to your newsfeed along with your rating (found in the menu under "Newsfeed" where you can see other people's posts, news, etc.).


Reviews are always subjective, and everyone has different tastes, but collecting the opinions of many cigar lovers at all levels allows us to better understand the quality and experience of the product. It also includes non-subjective categories that are always important when considering buying a new cigar.





There are different ways to prefer a cigar either by its burn, its draw or its construction/appearance. Below you will find instructions on how to create a review. Remember that all categories included in user ratings are displayed so you can easily learn what they mean and how to do it. Nobody wants to buy a product without knowing its quality and characteristics, and you'll find them all on our website.

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Create your account

First, create your absolutely free account at Century Cigars and start creating your reviews! Select the "Users" button (the profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen), select "Create an account" and follow the instructions.



Search for the product to rate

Once you've created your free Century Cigars account, search for the product you'd like to review in the search bar at the top of the page in our navigation menu, or search for a product using our specialized search, you'll find it next to the search bar.



You can also search for products by country or brand on our website.




Once you've found an item, you'll find a "rate this product" button below the item image. Selecting this will bring up all of our grading categories, some are required and some are optional.


The categories and their percentage

The first five categories are the most important, which will give us the total score (in percentages from 0 to 100%). You rate from half a star (the lowest option to rate) to five stars to assign a quality value to each category. Half a star is the worst, 5 stars is the best. All these categories are mandatory. The five categories and their percentages are:


Appearance - 20%

It is the visual presentation and construction of the cigar. Is the wrapper beautiful, well rolled, firm and even, and the bands are well placed, are there blotches, or no?


Burn 20%

This is referenced to how the cigar burns. If it burns straight, if it burns very slowly or very quickly or at an acceptable rate. If there are many problems when lighting it or if you need to try several times.


Hit - 20%

This refers to the amount of smoke produced by the cigar. Sometimes cigars are rolled too tight or too loose. Five stars in this category means that the cigar produces the perfect amount of smoke.


Flavor - 30%

In this category, it seeks to evaluate the taste of cigars and, in turn, has the highest value. If it has good flavors, if the flavors are rich, very pronounced and with good body, and if all the flavors blend well or if they do not mix properly. If they are very complex or very simple.


Quality for price - 10%

If the cigar is really worth its price, it harmonizes the entire experience of the product. If this cigar really isn't worth buying or if you want to show that people should buy a whole box.




Additional characteristics

Also, you can choose to share the following cigar features with the rest of the community. 


You can share the price you paid for a cigar here. We use the US dollar as the reserve currency for display purposes. Prices are for each individual product, not per box.



We use 5 options to describe the intensity from Mild to Full. Mild cigars have a very light flavor and strength, while Full strength cigars have a lot of power. The 5 options you can select on our strength bar are mild, Mild to Medium, Medium, Medium to Full, and Full.

For people who don't know what exactly Strength means, you can check out our explanation of Body Vs Strength




Here you can select up to 5 specific flavors that you taste while smoking the product. We already have a huge list of flavors in our database for you to choose from and share with other cigar lovers.



You can write about your complete experience with the purchased product here. Express any idea or comment freely, you have up to 1500 characters.




This is where you can upload one, or many, photos of the cigar you are smoking. Then, it will be uploaded to our Newsfeed with your Rating after posting it.



You can now choose to post your review immediately to our newsfeed, or save it and complete it later. We always advise smokers to smoke 2-3 cigars before posting, but that's your choice! If you select "Publish", your review will be sent to our news feed immediately, and if you choose to "Save without publishing", you can continue or update your review next time you smoke the same cigar. Just select the "My Profile" button in the banner at the top right of the screen, select "Draft Reviews" and you'll see all the comments in progress so you can complete them at any time.


Every time you post a review, it will include all the characteristics of the rating you entered and any other comments from other users in our algorithm. Also for comprehensive reviews, we include many reviews from respected sources like Cigar Aficionado, Halfwheel, Cigar Insider, cigar coop and Blind mans puff. The average of all products will be displayed product page of each individual product.

If you want more tips on how to review and improve your experience while smoking a cigar, we have several tips here to help all cigar lovers here!


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